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With these two changes, the rake-pipeline test suite passes on MacRuby. I have not built a site on top of it using MacRuby yet, so I may have more as I go, we'll see. I had to make two changes:

In rake-pipeline.rb we are creating this method by aliasing input_files. Then we are overriding this method in rake-pipeline/matcher.rb. However, because of when we're requiring rake-pipeline/matcher.rb the override is happening before the alias. On MacRuby, when the alias runs it clobbers the override causing all input files to match, not just the ones matching the glob in Assetfile. For an extremely simplified example see

SimpleCov is not supported by MacRuby. I pulled this snippet from to not include SimpleCov on that platform.

@joefiorini joefiorini Fixes for MacRuby
- defines eligible_input_files base instead of aliasing
- doesn't require SimpleCov on MacRuby (using a snippet from

Travis is telling me the build failed for 1.8.7, ree, jruby, and rbx. It looks like the previous build for those platforms failed too (!/livingsocial/rake-pipeline/builds/2082946). I don't think I broke anything. Is this an issue?


dudleyf commented Sep 20, 2012

The Travis build has been intermittently broken on those platforms for a long time now, so it's not necessarily anything you did. Everything passed for me on OSX, so it may be a Linux issue.

Any thoughts on accepting this?

joefiorini referenced this pull request Nov 11, 2012


Pull Requests? #124


wagenet commented Nov 13, 2012

@joefiorini Our build should be passing now so I don't know that this is necessary anymore.

This wasn't just for tests, it was for making rake pipeline work on MacRuby.

On Nov 13, 2012, at 2:52 PM, Peter Wagenet wrote:

@joefiorini Our build should be passing now so I don't know that this is necessary anymore.

Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub.

I am no longer using MacRuby and therefore am closing this. MacRuby has changed since I last used it and my updates might not be necessary anymore.

joefiorini closed this Apr 28, 2013

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