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MercadoPago SDK module for Payments integration


  1. Copy lib/mercadopago.rb to your project desired folder.
  2. Copy lib/cacert.pem to the same folder (for SSL access to MercadoPago APIs).
require 'mercadopago.rb'


Get your Access Token:

$accessToken = $mp.getAccessToken()

puts (accessToken)

Using MercadoPago Checkout

Get an existent Checkout preference:

preference = $mp.get_preference('PREFERENCE_ID')

puts $preferenceResult

Create a Checkout preference:

preferenceData = Hash["items" => Array(Array["title"=>"testCreate", "quantity"=>1, "unit_price"=>10.2, "currency_id"=>"ARS"])]
preference = $mp.create_preference(preferenceData)

puts preference

Others items to use

Update an existent Checkout preference:

preferenceDataToUpdate = Hash["items" => Array(Array["title"=>"testUpdated", "quantity"=>1, "unit_price"=>2])]

preferenceUpdate = $mp.update_preference("PREFERENCE_ID", preferenceDataToUpdate)

puts preferenceUpdate

Using MercadoPago Payment


filters = Array["id"=>null, "site_id"=>null, "external_reference"=>null]

searchResult = $mp.search_payment(filters)

puts searchResult

More search examples

Receiving IPN notification:

paymentInfo = $mp.get_payment_info("ID")

puts paymentInfo

Cancel (only for pending payments):

result = $mp.cancel_payment("ID");

// Show result
puts result

Refund (only for accredited payments):

result = $mp.refund_payment("ID");

// Show result
puts result

About Cancel & Refund