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Livingstone Online


This git repository is focused on documenting all the technical aspects relating to work-flow and deployment of the Livingstone Online project, as well as providing a local development environment based on Docker.

The work-flow for Livingstone Online is comprised of three environments: development, stage, and production.

Both the stage and production environments are hosted at University of Maryland.

As it currently stands, both of these boxes run RHEL 7 and the software is deployed via Docker.

For Non-Developers

Download and install the latest version of Docker Toolbox.

Then download the Livingstone Online App.

Just unzip and open the application to get started!

For Developers

Please read though our in-depth documentation:


For convenience a number of commands are provided in the commands directory.

Command Notes
bash Attaches a bash shell to the container.
build Builds all the images.
cache-clear Fixes sync issues with docker and vagrant shared folders. (boot2docker only).
cleanup Tries to free as much space as possible.
download-assets Downloads required assets.
drush Runs drush in the container with the given arguments.
exec Runs the given command in the container.
generate-env-files Generates the required environment files to run docker-compose.
mysql Runs mysql client in the container.
open-in-browser Opens the webpage in your default browser.
pull Pulls down the latest version of all images.
remove-inactive-volumes Deletes volumes not associated with running or stopped container.
remove-stopped-containers Removes stopped containers.
remove-untagged-images Removes un-tagged images.
setup Setups up the repository for development.
share Start Vagrant Share, sharing your development environment over the internet.
zsh Attaches a zsh shell to the container.