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Lightweight time management CLI tool
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Tired of $ sleep 4231; beep? This is a very simple solution to help with short-term time management. The beep sound uses the motherboard audio, so it works even if your speakers are muted, but not if you muted the PC speakers 😛 . Furthermore, it works wherever there's a Linux terminal, and that includes ssh sessions.

  • No dependencies other than Python itself 💫
  • Install with pip or just copy the binary somewhere in $PATH
  • Python2 and Python3 compatible 🌟
  • Around 100 LOC 💥
  • Runs on Linux, OS X, Windows, and maybe more 🎉


$ pip install ding-ding

(ding was taken)

Alternatively, download the file and run it however you please.

$ ./ in 1s


  • You want to start work after browsing the news for a bit, but you don't want to get carried away and do no work. Set a timer for 15 minutes:
$ ding in 15m
  • You need to leave at 17:00 and you want to have time to get ready:
$ ding at 16:45
$ alias pomo="ding in 25m"
$ pomo

Example usage:

# Relative time
$ ding in 2m
$ ding in 2h 15m
$ ding in 2m 15s

# Absolute time
$ ding at 12
$ ding at 17:30
$ ding at 17:30:21

# Recurrent notification
$ ding every 15m

# Custom command for beeping
$ ding in 1s --command "paplay --volume 15000 beep.wav"

# Hide timer
$ ding in 1s --no-timer

For more help, try:

$ ding in --help
$ ding at --help
$ ding every --help


How come I don't hear anything?

This happens when the audible bell was muted for your terminal or for your system. Enabling it differs between environments, so I would suggest trying out some Google searches on how to enable it. For a discussion on this, check this issue. You can also use your own custom command that actually beeps for you using $ ding in 1s -c your-command

How can I use a custom command all the time?

Try adding to your start-up script:

function ding() { ding $@ -c custom-command}

(inspired from mikaylathompson's comment here)

How can I to run it in the background?

$ ding in 1s --no-timer&

Can I use desktop notifications?

Unfortunately, desktop notifications typically come with big GUI dependencies and tend to be less portable. However, you can integrate notifications using a custom command like this $ ding in 1s --command "notify-send 'Sup'". This will display the notification 4 times by default, but if you think it would be useful to have an option to specify the number of calls, let me know by opening an issue or a PR.

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