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This started as a learning project as my friend wanted to learn Python and to know how APIs work in practice. I've used the Telegram API to get a basic bot up and running. Currently it is just a basic weather bot ⛅️ but feel free to take it and expand it as you wish!

Planned features:

  • Deployment on Raspberry PI
  • Take pictures with Picamera
  • Other cool AI :) features

The configuration file needs to be defined. Example of config.ini file:

; Telegram API token, from @Botfather
TOKEN = 111111:AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaa

; Long polling interval, in seconds. How long to keep connection open

; Open Weather Map API Key
OWM_KEY = a3b2d786c264b21e6f3708c2bf4bc60

Props to Gareth Dwyer 👍 and his Chatbot tutorial, from which the inspiration to this, and some very handy implementation hints, came.



Getting updates

Start interacting with the bot:

Bot intro

Chose location for weather status:

Choose location

Weather for current location:

Share location

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