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This Google Chrome Browser extension demonstrates the inter/intra-lingual
translation functionalities of PanLex (, a project of The
Long Now Foundation ( The PanLex open-source database
aims to document all known lexical translations and thereby to help users
express any lexical concept in any language. PanLex editors are consulting
thousands of dictionaries and other knowledge sources to build the database,
which already documents a billion lexical translations, from which billions
more can be derived. This extension is built upon this database, by using its
public API (
- When installed in Google Chrome, provide translations between 9231
languages, by selecting words/phrases on webpages.
- More detailed information about the supported languages, the knowledge
sources consulted, and the available data can be found at
- Provide the option to automatically identify the source language of the
selected content. This automatic language identification supports 97
languages as described at
- To install this extension, please visit
The development of this extension has been supported by many people, who made
the release of this extension possible. Particular mention goes to people who
have given me indispensable help and stimulation: Jonathan Pool
<>, David Kamholz <>, Marco Lui
<>, and Timothy Baldwin <>.
This extension also extensively uses source code from the open source
community, and borrows ideas from other similar applications:
- Thanks to Marco Lui <> who provided the Javascript version
( of his language identification tool
`` (
- This extension is heavily inspired by a similar translation extension from
Google, namely Google Dictionary (, which mainly focuses
on 13 languages.
- This extension also makes use of jQuery ( and tablesorter
- This extension also uses English lemmatization exception dictionaries from
WordNet (