Remote Ad Hoc Sensor Networks (My undergrad thesis)
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Remote Ad Hoc Sensor Networks

by Li-Wen Yip, 2005

This is my undergraduate honours thesis, completed in 2005 as part of my BE(Computer Systems).

tl;dr: It involved building some circuit boards with antennae, and writing a lot of code to make the circuit boards talk to each other wirelessly.

Quick Links

  • Website: Provides a good overview of the project, and if nothing else is a great example of cutting edge web design in 2006.
  • Presentations: Also provides a good overview of the project. The first one has speaker notes in the ppt file; the other two don't have any speaker notes for some reason so they may make limited sense.
  • Final report (PDF, 188 pages): Contains all of the juicy technical details.
  • PCB designs, Microcontroller code, ns-2 simulator code: Just in case you want to replicate my work.


All of my work is published under the MIT Licence.

Previous and subsequent work

My thesis was a continuation of previous work by Nigel Sim (2003) and Steven Sloots (2004). If you want to know more about their work, I can put you in touch with them. (I do have copies of their thesis reports, but they aren't mine to publish.)

The project was continued in 2006 by William Harrington.