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My personal emacs configures


 $ cd ~
 $ git clone .emacs.d 


C-c y Enable snippets.

C-c a Enable auto-complete.

C-c C-n Mark next work as selected and enable multiple cursors.

C-c = Expand region.

C-c C-d add a block comment of stars.


All commands are start with "C-c C-m":

  • ef is extract-function: Extracts the marked expressions out into a new named function.
  • em is extract-method: Extracts the marked expressions out into a new named method in an object literal.
  • ip is introduce-parameter: Changes the marked expression to a parameter in a local function.
  • lp is localize-parameter: Changes a parameter to a local var in a local function.
  • eo is expand-object: Converts a one line object literal to multiline.
  • co is contract-object: Converts a multiline object literal to one line.
  • eu is expand-function: Converts a one line function to multiline (expecting semicolons as statement delimiters).
  • cu is contract-function: Converts a multiline function to one line (expecting semicolons as statement delimiters).
  • ea is expand-array: Converts a one line array to multiline.
  • ca is contract-array: Converts a multiline array to one line.
  • wi is wrap-buffer-in-iife: Wraps the entire buffer in an immediately invoked function expression
  • ig is inject-global-in-iife: Creates a shortcut for a marked global by injecting it in the wrapping immediately invoked function expression
  • ag is add-to-globals-annotation: Creates a /*global */ annotation if it is missing, and adds the var at point to it.
  • ev is extract-var: Takes a marked expression and replaces it with a var.
  • iv is inline-var: Replaces all instances of a variable with its initial value.
  • rv is rename-var: Renames the variable on point and all occurrences in its lexical scope.
  • vt is var-to-this: Changes local var a to be this.a instead.
  • ao is arguments-to-object: Replaces arguments to a function call with an object literal of named arguments.
  • 3i is ternary-to-if: Converts ternary operator to if-statement.
  • sv is split-var-declaration: Splits a var with multiple vars declared, into several var statements.
  • ss is split-string: Splits a string.
  • uw is unwrap: Replaces the parent statement with the selected region.
  • lt is log-this: Adds a console.log statement for what is at point (or region).
  • sl is forward-slurp: Moves the next statement into current function, if-statement, for-loop or while-loop.
  • ba is forward-barf: Moves the last child out of current function, if-statement, for-loop or while-loop.
  • k is kill: Kills to the end of the line, but does not cross semantic boundaries.