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# Set up Bonjour Forwarding to home Mac through SSH and MobileMe Back to my Mac
# Info from:
# -
# -
dns-sd -P "Marc’s Home iTunes" _daap._tcp . 13689 something.local "Arbitrary text record" &
#dns-sd -P "Marc’s Home iTunes" _daap._tcp . 13689 something.local 3689 "Arbitrary text record" &
#/opt/local/bin/socat TCP4-LISTEN:13689,reuseaddr,fork
ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=60 -o ServerAliveCountMax=99 -C -N -L *:13689:localhost:3689 -6
#ssh -o ServerAliveInterval=60 -o ServerAliveCountMax=99 -C -N -L *:13689:localhost:3689 -6 fd2f:1af4:df9:39:216:cbff:fea2:79f2
kill $PID
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