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metapost-mode+.el is an extension to old metapost-mode.el in GNU Emacs.
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metapost-mode+.el is an extension to old metapost-mode.el in GNU Emacs. It will add following new features to metapost-mode:


  • Compile the .mp file and preview the results smartly by C-c C-c.
  • Notify user when the compile is failed and jump to error line with C-c `.
  • Support metapost with LaTeX labels.

System Requirement

  • GNU Emacs 23.2+ (with corresponding version of metapost-mode.el and doc-view.el)
  • Workable TeX/LaTeX installation, including ghostscript/epstopdf
  • MacOSX Snow Leopard and Ubuntu are tested, other linux should work. Windows is not tested and probably breaks.

Get metapost-mode+.el

You can get the lastest version of metapost-mode+.el at github. Documentation is included in the source, or you can find it with discussion on emacswiki.


  • Make sure your metapost, gs and epstopdf work. Try "metapost" and "epstopdf some.eps" to check it.
  • Make sure your doc-view.el is newer than the corresponding version with GNU Emacs 23.2
  • Add (require ‘metapost-mode+) to your .emacs
  • Open some example in the test dir on github, such as
  • C-c C-c to see the preview figure

Feedback and Suggestion

Feel free to give me feedback and suggestion on github or emacswiki, or via the email in source.


Thanks @johanvts to remind me this. But now it is under MIT license.

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