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echarts-for-svelte was suspended for a long time, because Svelte doesn't support Typescript. I planned to relaunch the development process right after Typescript is supported.


echarts-for-svelte@0.1.11 doesn't support svelte>3.15.0, because it seems like svelte@3.16.0 introduced some breaking changes(didn't make effort to locate them). So at this moment, please do not use echarts-for-svelte@0.1.11 with svelte>3.15.0. I'll fix this issue when svelte begins to support Typescript.


A very simple echarts(v3.0 & v4.0) wrapper for svelte.

Inspired by echarts-for-react

lerna styled with prettier minified + gzip


yarn add echarts-for-svelte
# or
npm install --save echarts-for-svelte

Basic Example

πŸ‘‰ Try echarts-for-svelte in CodeSandbox

<!-- App.svelte -->
  import echarts from 'echarts';
  import ECharts from 'echarts-for-svelte';

  let option = {
    xAxis: {
      type: 'category',
      data: ['Mon', 'Tue', 'Wed', 'Thu', 'Fri', 'Sat', 'Sun'],
    yAxis: {
      type: 'value',
    series: [
        data: [820, 932, 901, 934, 1290, 1330, 1320],
        type: 'line',

<ECharts {echarts} {option} />


API Reference

import ECharts from 'echarts-for-svelte';

Component Props

// echarts lib
// import echarts from 'echarts';
// or import echarts from 'echarts/lib/echarts';
export let echarts;

// the echarts option config, can see
export let option;

// the class of echarts div. you can setting the css style of charts by class name.
export let className = '';

// the style of echarts div.
export let style = '';

// when setOption, not merge the data, default is false.
// See
export let notMerge = false;

// when setOption, lazy update the data, default is false.
// See
export let lazyUpdate = false;

// the theme of echarts. string, should registerTheme before use it
// (theme object format:
export let theme = null;

// when the chart is ready, will callback the function
export let onChartReady = () => {};

// the echarts loading option config
// See
export let loadingOption = null;

// manually set loading status
export let loading = false;

// binding the echarts event, will callback with the echarts event object as it's paramter.
// {
//   click() {...},
//   legendselectchanged() {...},
// }
export let events = {};

// the opts of echarts. object, will be used when initial echarts instance by echarts.init
export let opts = {};