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trendVs: where & what people are tweeting

Formerly the social media manager for Dogster and Catster (yes -- for real), I wanted to create a tool to solve real world problems I had encountered on the job.

trendVs merges the dynamic world of Twitter with the power of D3 data visualization. With the ability to compare Twitter trends locally vs. nationally, trendVs enables brands to access, identify, and capitalize on social media moments that can help target and expand their reach and engagement.

With a single click, a user can see Twitter's latest trends with a beautiful and accessible visualization. With another click, users can search for intersecting popular topics between their city of choice and the rest of the country.

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###What does it do

  • Trends: trendVs enables users to view the top ten Twitter trends for a selected US city.
  • Data Visualization: With the power of D3, trendVs creates an accessible visual ranking of the top Twitter trends from most to least popular as indicated by size and color.
  • Tweets: Clicking on a trend allows users to view a mix of real time and popular tweets associated with the keyword.
  • Comparison: The "vs the United States" button displays two D3 charts, allowing users to easily find overlapping trends locally and nationally.

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###How does it do it

  • Twitter API & OAuth: Using OAuth, trendVs makes requests via the Twitter API through a Python wrapper that returns objects for the Twitter trends and tweets.
  • D3 JavaScript Library: The object returned by the API call is then given to the D3 function that parses and binds the data to SVG, appending them to an element within the HTML.
  • Frontend: Through a concert of HTML, jQuery, Jinja, JavaScript, and CSS, trendVs focuses on an intuitive user experience, the pleasure of discovery, and a bold consistent aesthetic.


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###Do it yourself

  • The heart of trendVs, hosting the Flask server and routes, calling functions from and feeding the returned data to the HTML.
  • Uses Python Twitter Tools to make the Twitter API calls within a Python script.
  • d3_function.js: Contains the D3 function that creates the trend bubble graphs.
  • Referenced but not present in the repo, this file contains the access tokens required for OAuth. In order to duplicate trendVs locally, please see the Twitter API documentation.

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###What will it do

  • Indicate Overlapping Trends: Trends appearing both locally and nationally will be indicated on the bubble chart with a specific color.
  • Analysis & Alert: Will search trend tweets for keywords indicating notable events, and when detected, will alert a registered user via text message.


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###Is it deployed?

YASSS it is! (Although I haven't quite figured out how to work around the rate limit.)

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