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comment_utils changelog
Version 0.3p1, 23 November 2007:
* Packaged from revision 84 in Subversion.
* Minor bugfix in ``CommentedObjectManager``.
* Moved email notification of new comments into post-save portion of
moderation to match what the docs claim. This means you will not
receive notification of comments which were deleted.
Version 0.3, 10 November 2007:
* Packaged from revision 82 in Subversion.
* Changes to support Django's Unicode merge.
* Changes to comply with updates to template variable resolution in
Django's built-in comment tags.
* Added a script, suitable for use as a cron job, which can be used to
automatically delete spam comments after a certain period of time
has elapsed.
Version 0.2, 9 July 2007:
* Fixed a bug with registering/unregistering lists of model classes,
by switching from an ``issubclass`` check on ``Model`` to an
``isinstance`` check on ``ModelBase``.
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