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LizardFS is a highly reliable, scalable and efficient distributed file system. It spreads data over a number of physical servers, making it visible to an end user as a single file system.

More info can be found at www.lizardfs.org.

For support please contact sales@lizardfs.com or visit www.lizardfs.com.

Useful links

You can also join the community irc at #lizardfs on FreeNode.


Please feel free to contribute to documentation, wiki and the code. Rules for submitting patches can be found in the developers Guide in the LizardFS documentation: https://docs.lizardfs.com/devguide/submitting.html

We would love to hear about your use cases

We would like to engage more with our community so if you are able to please email us with your use case at: info@lizardfs.org.

It will help us make LizardFS even better and will help others choose LizardFS for their storage.

You could mention the following:

- purpose of the installation,
- RAW capacity,
- features used,
- HW architecture (including network),
- number of concurrent users,
- some performance stats,
- if you want us to anonymise the data or not.

Thank you for your help.

The LizardFS team.