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Lizard Media UX & software house

UX & software house from Poland. Comprehensive solutions and technology outsourcing: eCommerce with Magento2, PrestaShop, PIM and custom webapps.


  1. Repository containing ready-to-apply patches for Magento Message Queue components


  2. Repository contains new consumer implementations and other useful features for Magento Message Queue Framework

    PHP 2 1

  3. Module showing example of more advanced topology built with Magento Message Queue

    PHP 1

  4. Magento2 module for handling Varnish cache (flushing, regenerating)

    PHP 55 21

  5. Magento 2 module for migrating passwords from your legacy system to Magento

    PHP 4 1

  6. Magento2 module adding reindexation from the admin panel

    PHP 4



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