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Welcome to the Lizards & Pumpkins wiki!


Here is a birds-eys outline how Lizards & Pumpkins works.

There are two aspects: Import (also called projection), and Content Delivery.

The import flow looks like this:

_(AP | CLI) -> Command -> CommandQueue -> CommandConsumer -> CommandHandler ->_  
 _Event -> EventQueue -> EventConsumer -> EventHandler ->_  
 _Content Snippets -> KeyValue Store_

The content delivery flow looks like this:

_Browser Request -> Check if page can be found in KeyValue Store_  
_-> if yes, combine prerendered content snippets_  
_-> if no, 404 (or fall back to alternative application to server request)_  

The processes above are simplified. For example, during the projection, the CommandHandlers can also issue new commands that are added to the command queue.

Hopefully this birds-eye high level overview makes it easier to add more information into the picture as you encounter it.

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