Vagrant based developer demo VM for the Lizards & Pumpkins catalog.
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Lizards & Pumpkins Demo VM

Please refer to Demo VM section of Lizards & Pumpkins Wiki for installation and usage instructions.

Starting & Stopping Services

The Lizards & Pumpkins sample project contains 3 background processes:

  • Command Message Consumers
  • Event Message Consumers
  • Example Magento Export Process

When the VM boots the processes are started automatically.
To start or stop the consumers, the following init script can be used:

/etc/init.d/lizards-and-pumpkins-consumers {start|stop|status}

To start or stop the Magento export service, use the init script

/etc/init.d/magento-export {start|stop|status}

Finding your way inside the VM

Information Value
L&P Environment Config /vagrant/provisioning/sample/env
Sample project base directory: /vagrant/sample-project (or ~/sample-project)
Sample project storage root: /vagrant/sample-project/share
WWW document root: /vagrant/sample-project/pub
Lizards & Pumpkins Log File /vagrant/sample-project/share/log/system.log
Demo-VM IP Address:
Demo-VM Domain Name:
NGINX config: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/
Magento root directory: /vagrant/sample-project/src/magento
MySQL root password root
Magento admin user admin / password123
Local write mounts /tmp/magento/session-dir and cache-dir

Helpful commands

List URL paths of pages available in Lizards & Pumpkins:

/vagrant/sample-project/vendor/bin/lp report:url-keys {-t all|listing|product}

Show the configured Lizards & Pumpkins environment:

env | grep LP

Clear the filesystem queues and data pool:

rm -r /vagrant/sample-project/file-storage/*

Run a full export from Magento:

/vagrant/sample-project/build/ /vagrant/sample-project

(Note: the above command will finish quickly because the actual process is running in the background.)

See the number of messages in the command and event queue:

/vagrant/sample-project/vendor/bin/lp report:queue-count (I like to run watch vendor/bin/lp report:queue-count)

To start or stop worker processes interactively use the command

To start or stop worker processes in a script, for example during provisioning, use
/vagrant/sample-project/vendor/lizards-and-pumpkins/catalog/bin/ (event|command) (start|stop) [count]
/vagrant/sample-project/vendor/lizards-and-pumpkins/catalog/bin/ (event|command) stop-all

Additional notes:

Changing the environment configuration

The environment is currently specified in two places:

  1. The script /vagrant/provisioning/sample/env
  2. The nginx config /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

When changing the configuration be sure to change it in both places. We are aware this is not ideal as there should only be a single source of such information. PRs welcome.

Why do I still see catalog pages after emptying the data pool?

NGINX is configured to pass page requests that can't be processed by Lizards & Pumpkins through to Magento.

Getting more detailed information on what is being processed

Set and export the environment variable LP_DEBUG_LOG to 1 and restart the event and command consumers.

This will log each processed event and command to the file /vagrant/sample-project/share/log/system.log. With this data the script sample-project/vendor/lizards-and-pumpkins/catalog/bin/lp report:event-processing-time-average <logfile> can be used to extract processing time averages.