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import logging
import os
import sys
from django.conf import settings
import lizard_ui.testsettings as example_settings
_checkers = []
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
def register(checker):
"""Register the checker function for the configchecker management command.
Use this as a decorator:
>>> from lizard_ui import configchecker
>>> configchecker._checkers = [] # Only for Test initialization!
>>> @configchecker.register
... def my_checker():
... print "I'm checkin'"
Warning: if you put the checker in a separate file, make sure that the
file is actually imported, otherwise it isn't registered.
The decorator registers the function so that the management command can
run all those checker functions.
>>> len(configchecker.checkers())
>>> configchecker.checkers()[0]()
I'm checkin'
return checker
def checkers():
"""Return registered checker functions."""
return _checkers
def checker(): # Pragma: nocover
"""Verify lizard_ui's demands on"""
if not '' in settings.LOGGING['loggers'].keys():
print "Setting LOGGING is missing a root ('') log handler."
print "Can't log other errors. Suggestion:"
print "from lizard_ui.settingshelper import setup_logging"
print "LOGGING = setup_logging(BUILDOUT_DIR)"
for setting in ['MEDIA_URL',
if ((not hasattr(settings, setting)) or
(not getattr(settings, setting))):
# Not available or empty.
logger.error("Setting %s is missing. Example value: %s",
setting, getattr(example_settings, setting))
if not ('compressor.finders.CompressorFinder'
"'compressor.finders.CompressorFinder' is missing "
"from STATICFILES_FINDERS. Suggestion:\n"
"from lizard_ui.settingshelper import STATICFILES_FINDERS\n"
if hasattr(settings, old_setting):
logger.error("Old django_compressor setting %s found: remove it.",
# TODO: compressor settings.
for app in ['lizard_ui',
if app not in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
logger.error("%s is missing from INSTALLED_APPS.", app)
if ('lizard_ui.middleware.TracebackLoggingMiddleware' in
logger.warn("You can remove "
"'lizard_ui.middleware.TracebackLoggingMiddleware' "
"from MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES, the new logging setup handles "
"that automatically.")
if hasattr(settings, 'SENTRY_SERVERS'):
production_settings_file = os.path.join(settings.SETTINGS_DIR,
if os.path.exists(production_settings_file):
if not 'sentry_level' in open(production_settings_file,
logger.warn("You're missing a sentry log handler. Pass "
"sentry_level='WARN' to setup_logging().")
if not 'raven.contrib.django' in settings.INSTALLED_APPS:
logger.warn("You're missing 'raven.contrib.django' in your ",
"You haven't set up sentry yet. Do it, if this is a site. "
"Add SENTRY_SERVERS for that.")
if not getattr(settings, 'USE_I18N', False):
logger.error("Set USE_I18N to True: we're using translations now.")
if settings.LANGUAGE_CODE == 'en-us':
logger.warn("LANGUAGE_CODE is set to the default 'en-us', is that "
"what you want as default fallback language?")
if len(settings.LANGUAGES) > 40:
logger.warn("You haven't restricted 'LANGUAGES'. You probably want "
"something like:\n"
" ('nl', 'Nederlands'),\n"
" ('en', 'English'),\n)")
urlconf = sys.modules[settings.ROOT_URLCONF]
if not hasattr(urlconf, 'debugmode_urlpatterns'):
"You didn't import the debug url patterns. Suggested usage:\n"
"from lizard_ui.urls import debugmode_urlpatterns\n"
"urlpatterns += debugmode_urlpatterns()")
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