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Changelog of lizard-ui

4.9 (unreleased)

  • Removed dependency on sentry when sentry_level = None.

4.8 (2012-08-23)

  • Remove conflicting simplejson dependency.
  • Remove raven which is incompatible with Django 1.4.
  • Add error when graph has no data.

4.7 (2012-08-23)

  • Build a custom jquery.flot.axislabels.js, which is much better (in terms of not messing up flot's draw()).
  • Switch the popup's tabs to the superior jquery-ui tabs, replacing the jquery-tools tabs.
  • Update flot to latest (git) version, which supports proper ticks rendering (on canvas instead of HTML elements).
  • Fixed textual content scrollbars / overflow (again?).
  • Updated some app_icons.

4.6 (2012-08-14)

  • Small styling issue with labels.

4.5 (2012-08-14)

  • Switch to OpenLayers dark theme.

4.4 (2012-08-14)

  • Flot graphs: calculate tick sizes.
  • Updated OpenLayers to 2.12.
  • Styling: fix bootstrap messing up labels, fix hover popup z-index.

4.3 (2012-07-26)

  • Fixed minor layout issues.

4.2 (2012-07-12)

  • Prettified background gradient in sidebar navigation tree.
  • Fixed minor layout issues.

4.1 (2012-06-28)

  • Trying to construct a breadcrumb even if we don't have an application icon pointing at the current page.

4.0 (2012-06-19)

  • Date range styling; fix a FOUC; fix cursur pointer on H2;
  • Increased right sidebar to make legends fit.
  • Added styling for multi-select button.
  • Proper submission and handling of global errors on login form.
  • Changed label of collapse-sidebar-button to 'Navigatie'.

4.0b6 (2012-06-06)

  • Moved excanvas for IE 6 and 7 outside compress.
  • Fixed trailing commas (IE7 does not like them).

4.0b5 (2012-06-05)

  • Replace zettingen.png icon to one with shadow.

4.0b4 (2012-06-01)

  • Added required_permission attribute on UiView. If you set it, the permission is checked and the user redirected, if needed.

4.0b3 (2012-06-01)

  • Tiny styling fix.
  • Add flot bar graph support.

4.0b2 (2012-05-31)

  • Properly close secondary sidebar ("Kaartlagen") when hiding the sidebar ("Inklappen").
  • Add the Flot JavaScript library.
  • Fix a small styling issue concerning workspaces.
  • Update to jQuery 1.7.2 which includes some .ajax() fixes.
  • Add client side support for the new FlotGraph.

4.0b1 (2012-05-29)

  • UI fixes: graphs load automatically again; workspace item paddings/margins; jqueryui buttons commented out as they conflict with bootstrap's css.
  • Upgraded sentry client to raven.
  • Updated configchecker.
  • Commented line 413 in jquery-ui-1.8.5.custom.css to remove conflicing (with Twitter Bootstrap) class .ui-button-text-only .ui-button-text [Gijs Nijholt]
  • Fixed some interaction issues with modal and non-modal login form.
  • Restored accordion behavior and improved leftbar styling.

4.0a2 (2012-05-18)

  • Fixed google maps (which would be invisible) by removing max-width from bootstrap's css.

4.0a1 (2012-05-18)

  • Add zettingen icon (copied from demo site)
  • Merged reinout-bootstrap branch ("the deltaportaal layout").
  • Using compiled css/js instead of less/coffee.
  • Using smaller logo.
  • Added source distribution of twitter-bootstrap. You need node.js and its package manager npm installed to install lessc and uglify-js (only needed if you need to rebuild twitter-bootstrap).
  • Changed icon padding to accommodate for two columns in Chrome.
  • Fixed several styling issues.
  • Making the popup compatible.
  • Added sphinx setup for documentation generation.

3.16 (2012-05-10)

3.15 (2012-04-13)

  • A missing comma at the end of colorpicker.js broke the demo site. It really did. This blockbuster release adds one.

3.14 (2012-04-13)

  • Updated Openlayers to 2.11.

3.13 (2012-03-20)

  • Added user to the context of the template that renders application icons, so that it is possible to make them depend on the currently logged in user.

3.12 (2012-02-16)

  • Added two icons.

3.11 (2012-01-17)

  • Made breadcrumbs configurable
  • Added helper functions for breadcrumbs to application screens

3.10 (2012-01-04)

  • Changed confusing breadcrumbs into a simple "home" link.

3.9 (2011-12-12)

  • Fix bug where Ajax calls failed because they didn't have a CSRF cookie.

3.8.1 (2011-12-08)

  • Fix bug where loginform didn't redirect.

3.8 (2011-12-07)

  • Added narrowcasting.png icon as on heerhugowaard sites.

3.7.1 (2011-11-28)

  • Fix incorrect syntax in lizard.js.

3.7 (2011-11-08)

  • Added live: true to tipsy tooltips so that elements created later can also get tooltips

3.6 (2011-10-28)

  • Swapped order of datatable and colorpicker in the js list as django-compressor chokes on them a bit.
  • Made debugmode_urlpatterns() more robust. It crashed without MEDIA_URL and MEDIA_ROOT settings in the
  • Improved i18n and tipsy tooltips.

3.5 (2011-10-19)

  • Using django-staticfiles' urls instead of django's build-in contrib.staticfiles'. This works with "runserver" but fails with "run_gunicorn" (if you enabled gunicorn in your project).
  • Added experimental table sorter javascript.
  • Print improvements (hiding openlayers controls, for instance).
  • Moved from company-internal svn to github: .

3.4 (2011-09-23)

  • Renamed media/ directory into static/ as that's django-staticfiles' sane default now.
  • Added 'i18n' management command for easier translation.
  • Added config checks for i18n settings now that default strings slowly become English instead of the Dutch we've been implicitly expecting...
  • Added translation markers + Dutch translations for several strings.

3.3 (2011-09-05)

  • Added optional sentry setup.
  • Re-did login view as a class based view.
  • Fixed the problem that the print of the web page showed a progress icon instead of a graphs (ticket 3180).

3.2 (2011-08-30)

  • Added short_timedelta template filter.
  • Added ViewContextMixin mixin class for class based views that adds {'view': self} to your view's context dict. This should be all you need to have in your context.

3.1.2 (2011-08-29)

  • Fixed debugmode_urlpatterns checker.

3.1.1 (2011-08-29)

  • Adding checker that warns if the debugmode_urlpatterns isn't being imported.

3.1 (2011-08-29)

  • TracebackLoggingMiddleware isn't needed anymore, so the config checker now tells you that if you still have it in your MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES.
  • Switched off sql statement logging by default.
  • Added url patterns for showing static/ and media/ files in debug mode. Use it by importing debugmode_urlpatterns from lizard_ui.urls and calling urlpatterns += debugmode_urlpatterns().

3.0 (2011-08-19)

  • Added javascript-based csrf-for-ajax fix suggested in
  • Adjusted for Django 1.3. Note that this is now also a dependency! Upgrading will be slightly harder. Run bin/django check_config to check your config afterwards. See the README for more how-to-change information.

2.1.6 (2011-08-10)

  • Added projecten.png, oppervlaktewater.png, grondwater.png, riolering.png.

2.1.5 (2011-08-01)

  • Added ApplicationScreen.crumb.
  • Added oevers.png.

2.1.4 (2011-07-28)

  • Removed tipsy code specific for lizard-map (reference to #transparency-slider).
  • Moved tipsy code into setUpTipsy().

2.1.3 (2011-07-12)

  • Removed console.log.

2.1.2 (2011-07-12)

  • Rewritten stretchOneSidebarbox: the old one used to stretch big first and then shrink to the correct size. The problem was that the scroll focus for large lists would change. #3030.

2.1.1 (2011-06-30)

  • Added option google_tracking_code in realbase.

2.1 (2011-06-29)

  • Updated favicon.ico to lizard.
  • Added 'play' icon.

2.0 (2011-06-22)

  • Fixed logo (it was slightly to high).

1.70 (2011-06-22)

  • Newer lizard logo (without the gray background as that conflicts with our own gray gradient), but that's ok for now.
  • More app icons with shadows.

1.69 (2011-06-21)

  • Made popups more consistent (shadow color and size).

1.68 (2011-06-17)

  • Fixed .gif image that was a wrong file type.

1.67 (2011-06-16)

  • Fixed #2882: changed css to make some parts overflow: auto.

1.66 (2011-06-16)

  • Added error message when next accordion pane fails to load.

1.65 (2011-06-10)

  • Added reloadLocalizedGraphs() in addition to reloadGraphs() to reload only graphs inside a certain div. (Used in lizard-map popups with tabs).
  • Added Tipsy (Facebook/Github-style tooltips
  • Added buttons.css (from
  • Some repeatable backgrounds. (from
  • Some icons from, added/implemented seperately. (TODO: integrate properly in sprite.png and the stylesheet of silk)
  • OpenLayers 'Dark' theme.
  • Re-exported several icon PNG's (meldingen, kaarten) with an alphachannel drop-shadow.
  • Added extra field to ApplicationScreen model. (description, for display in tipsy tooltips)
  • Centered the icons in the 'iphonesque' app-screen.
  • Added inset drop-shadows to the app-screen.
  • Changed the app-screen font to helvetica-light. (TODO: Try out Google Webfonts instead)
  • Changed gray H2 bars' bevel to a higher contrast, expressing more depth.
  • Aligned lizard logo to the outmost left.

. - Added tooltips to several interface elements.

  • Improved appearance of the breadcrumb. (TODO: position is still a bit awkward?)
  • Changed OpenLayers javascript + css so that the layer chooser's background color matches the rest of the dark theme.

1.64 (2011-06-01)

  • Changed accordion behaviour. All titles are refreshed, but we don't refresh all pane contents anymore: only the new one. This makes sure trees stay expanded. And it reduces re-rendering time for big trees. And we theoretically don't need to send over all the panes' data in case that's prohibitive for performance.

1.63 (2011-05-30)

  • Removed relative positioning on #portal-tabs. See ticket #2827.
  • Reverted my changes made to .sidebarbox-action-icon in changeset:21174. Even added 1px extra to better vertically align workspace items. See ticket #2750 for screenshots.
  • Added a extra class name for save_form.
  • Bigger portal-tabs with rounded corners.
  • Corrected text-align of wrong-login.
  • "Log in" and "Log uit" links have the same cursor: they were different and "Log uit" had an illogical one, viz. cursor:text.

1.62 (2011-05-18)

  • Fixed vertical location of workspaceitem icons that aren't part of a header.

1.61 (2011-05-17)

  • Fixing menubar at 2em height to keep longer content from overflowing the bar.
  • Added favicon image in media/lizard_ui/favicon.ico. So if you want a different favicon in your project, place an updated icon in your site's media/lizardui/ folder.

1.60 (2011-05-06)

1.59 (2011-04-28)

  • Deleted 'Copyright @ Nelen ...' text.

1.58 (2011-04-27)

  • Added dacom icon.
  • Updated tabs css (needed for lizard-map >= 1.71).

1.57 (2011-04-20)

  • Added new flooding icon flooding2.png.
  • Updated OpenLayers from 2.8 to 2.10.
  • Jslint lizard.js.

1.56 (2011-04-14)

  • Updated Lizard logo.
  • Added lizard_ui/tabs.css.
  • Updated jQuery from 1.4.2 to 1.5.2, jQuery UI from 1.8.2 to 1.8.11, jQueryTools from 1.2.2 to 1.2.5. Treeview from 1.4 to 1.4.1.
  • Added css class for progress animation image

1.55 (2011-04-05)

  • Added 3di icon.
  • Added Waterbalance icon.

1.54 (2011-03-18)

  • Removed width: 100% css for .auto-inserted. It works fine without it. Before the image was slightly scaled horizontally.
  • Added possibility for a double-height item in the divideVerticalSpaceEqually() method. Just add a "double-vertical-item" class instead of "vertical-item" to the item you want to give double the height.

1.53 (2011-03-09)

  • Removed setUpWorkspaceAcceptableButtons. The button is now added when a workspace-acceptable is clicked (lizard-map 1.58 and higher).
  • Adding error message when a "replace-with-image" image is loaded and there's an error. Instead of an ever-spinning "loading..." icon.

1.52 (2011-02-23)

  • Centered the progress animation.
  • Added data-src to progress animation (for debugging purposes).

1.51 (2011-02-15)

  • Added progress animation to vertical-item / img-use-my-size / replace-with-image.

1.50 (2011-02-15)

  • Added icons dike and controlnext.

1.36 (2011-02-15)

  • Added application screens and icons support: added models and views.

1.35 (2011-02-02)

  • Refactored the window.resize function in lizard.js [Gijs].

1.34 (2011-02-01)

  • Added breadcrumbs example.
  • Added new breadcrumbs method. See examples.
  • Added protovis library.
  • Added support for portal-tabs, see also the examples page.

1.33 (2011-01-24)

  • Removed preventDefault in logout function.

1.32 (2011-01-20)

  • Still trying to fix logout bug.

1.31 (2011-01-20)

  • Fixed logout bug.

1.30 (2011-01-20)

  • Added turtle app icon.
  • After logging out one goes back to "/".
  • Improved login function.
  • Added (empty) login screen with redirect option.

1.29 (2011-01-13)

  • Added   to workspace acceptable button.

1.28 (2011-01-12)

  • Added setUpWorkspaceAcceptableButtons in lizard.js. The function is in lizard-ui because setUpAccordion needs the function as well.

1.27 (2010-12-08)

  • Loading accordions re-initializes tree structures.

1.26 (2010-12-06)

  • Added default 500 and 404 pages.

1.25 (2010-12-01)

  • Added custom templatetag dutch_timedelta.
  • Moved tooltip css from lizard_map to here.
  • Add optional description to tree snippet.

1.24 (2010-11-24)

  • Added css class action-icon.

1.23 (2010-11-11)

  • (Re-)initializes tooltips when loading accordion.
  • Added setUpTooltips() in lizard.js.

1.22 (2010-11-09)

  • Updated accordion: when an item is clicked, all panes and headers are updated.

1.21 (2010-10-15)

  • Fix "apple" icon height to 80px.

1.20 (2010-10-15)

  • Fixed IE7 print problem.
  • Added exception-logging middleware.
  • Added app_icons.
  • Added sidebar and sidebarbox css entries.
  • Added tree_snippet.html template for creating trees.

1.19 (2010-09-27)

  • Fixed float problem for IE in login popup.
  • Fixing visibility of "restore from print view" icon in IE.

1.18 (2010-09-27)

  • Added automatic print button that also allows you to expand the collapsed-for-printing view again.
  • Tables now print with a grid and proper left/center/right alignment.
  • Links don't print anymore (at least, their url isn't appended anymore to the link text when printing).

1.17 (2010-09-22)

  • Add colorpicker js library.
  • Added createcoverage command.

1.16 (2010-09-08)

  • Added more tests.
  • Small layout tweak for popup box.

1.15 (2010-09-03)

  • Added utility templatetags.

1.14 (2010-08-30)

  • Importing json via django now.

1.13 (2010-08-30)

  • Bugfix simplejson.

1.12 (2010-08-27)

  • Small adjustments to support lizard-map's new graph popup. (A better separation of lizard-ui and lizard-map is needed later on: after the deadlines :-) ).

1.11 (2010-08-26)

  • Styled the login form including proper "enter" behaviour and first-field-gets-focus handling.

1.10 (2010-08-26)

  • Moved some css styling from lizard-map to lizard-ui.
  • Added initial login support + forms. You need to add lizard-ui's to yours if you want to use it.
  • Better drag/drop visual feedback.

1.8 (2010-08-18)

  • Javascript syntax fix: added two semicolons and removed another.

1.7 (2010-07-15)

  • Make "replace-with-image" clickable by using "data-href-click" property.
  • Add ol.forms css.

1.6 (2010-07-06)

  • Image replacement looks at "use-my-size" class instead of use-my-width/height.
  • Added javascript "printPage()" function that prints a webpage that at least doesn't flow over the right hand side of the physical paper page. Printing uses a combination of a custom print stylesheet and blueprint's print stylesheet. Printing definitively isn't perfect yet, but at least usable. Note: you should refresh or resize the page after printing to get the full width again.

1.5 (2010-07-01)

  • Added generic automatic image resizing (replacing a generic "a href" with an image with the same src as the href and then figuring out the height/width and passing that along as a GET parameter and as attributes on the img tag.
  • Fixed resize timer by having a global variable for it.
  • Calculating hiddenStuffHeight (currently: only the date popup hidden div) only once: before the date popup has been opened.. Fixes the bug that you'd get a large empty space at the bottom of the screen.

1.4.1 (2010-06-25)

  • Updated TODO list.

1.4 (2010-06-25)

1.3 (2010-06-23)

  • Added graph reloading on sidebar collapse/expand.
  • UI css fixes (overflow:hidden in a couple of places to prevent scrollbars in corner cases, for instance).

1.2 (2010-06-22)

  • Floating the main content area now and giving it the proper width with javascript. This makes the layout in IE more reliable.
  • The main body has "overflow: hidden" to get rid of scrollbars once and for all: scrollbars sometimes occur when there's a small layout bug. A scrollbar takes up space, so the main content float is pushed down. We have an assumption of a single page without scrolling, so hiding scrollbars is perfectly fine. (The main area itself can have scrollbars for textual content).

1.1 (2010-06-18)

  • IE tweaks.

1.0 (2010-06-17)

  • Fixed javascript code with jslint.
  • Added django-compressor for javascript and css compression and combination. You'll need to add the configuration in to your settings and add "compressor" to your installed apps.
  • Switched to a separate "javascript" and "css" block instead of the site-head-extras, head-extras and so. Be sure to add {{super.block}} when you override the blocks.

0.12 (2010-06-11)

  • Upgraded to jqueryui 1.8.2 (from 1.8.1).
  • Removed jqueryui's tab component as it conflicts with jquerytools' implementation. Jquerytools' implementation is way friendlier to our existing sidebar css.

0.11 (2010-06-08)

  • Added direct support for a jquery tree. We already contained the base treeview javascript, so lizard-ui was a logical place for setting it up.

0.10 (2010-06-07)

  • Added fillSidebar() alias for stretchOneSidebarBox().
  • Splitted title block in sitetitle/subtitle as that's a common occurrence.

0.9 (2010-06-03)

  • Using jquery's live() for "late binding" of events to elements added later through javascript. Saves some couple of lines.

0.8 (2010-06-01)

  • Added generic accordion handling for the sidebar. Including ajaxy loading.

0.7 (2010-05-18)

  • Added jquerytools for accordeon behaviour in sidebar.
  • Layout fixes, mostly for the sidebar. Also fix for the datepicker-placed div at the bottom.
  • Update to jquery-ui 1.8.1.

0.6 (2010-04-28)

  • Added collapsible sidebar.
  • Changed css framework from yui to blueprint: more understandable. The reason for yui was that it had a 100%-width layout. We're now building up the layout (grid-wise) ourselves due to the collapsible sidebar, so switching back to blueprint is now possible.
  • Changed layout to match Dirk-Jan's latest screenshots.

0.5 (2010-04-13)

  • Layout improvements.
  • Added documentation (just mount our urls!).
  • Removed separate icons, leaving only the sprite'd icons.
  • Added jqueryui. Including it automatically. It also means extjs isn't included automatically anymore.
  • Sidebar width is 300px instead of 180px.

0.4 (2010-03-16)

  • Added extjs javascript library.
  • Added javascript and css for dividing the vertical space equally.

0.3.1 (2010-03-05)

  • Bugfix: removed sample breadcrumb content from the template.

0.3 (2010-03-05)

  • Added openlayers 2.8.
  • Added famfamfam silk icon set.
  • Added background to menubar, footer and body.
  • Removed blueprint and added the YUI css framework.

0.2 (2010-02-12)

  • Nested our templates in templates/lizard_ui instead of directly in templates. We're well-behaved now!

0.1 (2010-02-12)

  • Added lizardbase.html template as base for a lizard user interface.
  • Added django-staticfiles as a dependency for managing css and javascript resources.
  • Added blueprint css framework.
  • Initial structure created by nensskel.
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