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Django code skeletons

nensskel provides so-called "paster templates" so you can easily create new Django applications, websites and python libraries. They're not fully generic, as they originated within one company (see below).

The nensskel script creates a directory structure for you with (some partially filled) basic files (like a README.rst and a

Call the nensskel script to get usage information.

Installation is straightforward with easy_install:

$ easy_install nensskel

or with pip:

$ pip install nensskel

(Probably you need to run it with sudo on osx/linux).

Don't forget to update from time to time:

$ easy_install --upgrade nensskel

Available templates

Three nens-specific templates are included:

  • nens_library: A buildout for nens libraries
  • nens_djangoapp: A buildout for nens Django applications
  • nens_lizardsite: A buildout for nens lizard Django sites


Nensskel originates at Nelen & Schuurmans. We set it up the way we like it and we change it the way we like it so it might not fit your case 100%.

But it does provide a good example to give you a head start with a completely setup Django application/site. For example, the Django sites come with a full-blown nginx config and Django-staticfiles is included for easy css/js setup.

If the available templates don't serve your need, you can do two things:

  • Clone the repository and edit the template as you like; possibly submit a pull request
  • Make your own template

Drop us a line if you need help.

Example for your own skeleton

When you want to create your own skeleton, nensskel can be a nice, small example. Just download the .tar.gz and unpack it.

Do the regular python && bin/buildout and you're good to go. The nensskel and paster scripts are created in the bin/ directory.

There is one python script in nensskel/*.py per template. The actual templates are in nensskel/templates/*. See for some documentation on what paster can do. If you want elaborate examples: is the most elaborate set of templates available.

Development and issue tracker

Nensskel is developed on github: .

Issues are also tracked there: .