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Face Recognition on NVIDIA TX2
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For Chinese, you can follow this guide to build the same system by yourself.

Today, life is so convenient that you can easily complete payment, enter buildings and so on. What your need to identify is just your face.

Motived by the popularity of deep learning, especially for convolutional neural network, upon which many applications like face recogtnion are visable in reality. I have made a demo of door control system based on face recognition, running on Tx2 or Raspberry Pi 3. See this.


The functions of this system includes recognizing strangers and show their names, adding strangers into database and recording information of each person enters. The system is fridenly to users, who do not need the knowldege of deep learning and face recognition.

This project needs only three things: microprocessor(like raspberry pi), web camera, and displayer. Code is written by Python which is availiable at here.

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