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Project Maraschino

Helping you "cherry pick" icons from these open source libraries:

Getting Started

If you're working with a framework such as Twitter Bootstrap or Ionic, you may already have the fonts and css installed. If so, skip to step 6: selecting icons. To install icon font(s), do the following:

1. Download 1 or more icon fonts. We've got links to them here:

2. Unzip the files to your desktop

3. Move the fonts into your project like this:

4. Move the CSS file(s) into your project like this

5. Within index.html, link your icons to your project like this:

    <!--Example: connecting Ionicons to project -->
    <link href="/resources/css/ionic.css" rel="stylesheet" />

6. Use Maraschino to "Cherry Pick" Icons for your project

From within you HTML, call your icons using the css code like this:

<i class="ion-ios-contact"></i>

<i class="md-scooter"></i>


Being able to cherry pick icons for your project and see them all in a "virtual basket" is great... but, it would be so much better if we could download the basket as a skinny icon font. This would boost performance and make our customers very happy.

Unfortunately, the technologies involved are a bit beyond my skill set. The creators of were kind enough to create an API and share code. But what's really needed is a volunteer engineer. Are you the one who can help make this open source project more useful for everyone? If so, please get in touch and let's make it happen!