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Data and code used to map Implicit Association Test (IAT) Scores

These maps were made using the publicly-available Project Implicit demo website datasets. SPSS syntax was used to clean this publicly-available dataset; it was partly developed to clean the Project Implicit datasets as part of a project* led by Kate Ratliff. Much of the syntax was developed by Jenny Howell, and it was used and vetted by Calvin Lai and Liz Redford.

race_clean_sample.R was used to create a dataset small enough to be handled by R. This smaller dataset is the one posted here in this repo (raceiatdat.csv).

Using ggplot2

map_ggplot.R uses the package ggplot2 and imports raceiatdat.csv from this repo. It was developed by Liz Redford. It includes coordinates for state/value labels that can be used or modified for labeling any ggplot chloropleth of US states. It creates three maps: (1) one that does not label states, (2) one that labels states by their abbreviations; and (3) one that labels states by their IAT scores, as shown here:

Using chloroplethr

map_raceiat.R uses the package chloroplethr and imports raceiatdat.csv from this repo. It was developed by Nick Ungson and modified by Liz Redford. It creates the following maps:

Known issues

  • The ggplot map labels could use some nudging for readability
  • Should probably remove DC label from ggplot maps


Map/chloropleth Implicit Association Test (IAT) data to US counties and states.



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