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A LIRR timetable - GA Project 2
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Lawn Guyland Snail Road - A LIRR timetable clone using the MTA and OpenWeather APIs.

Project 2 for GA - WDI

Liz Rodriguez


This app uses node.js with express, mustache for templating, and postgres for a local database. Bcrypt was used to hash signup password for authentication.

Snail logo is from

OpenWeather API used to grab weather in the nav bar:

MTA's actual API is not functional, so I've used the public URL api to retrieve the LIRR train JSON:

My approach for this project was to make a basic version of the LIRR timetable, with a mini weather forecast for New York City. Users can register for an account, update, and delete an account.

The feature I wanted to add is to save a favorite route to the user account. Currently in progress.

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