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Sync between habitica and pomotodo.
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What's this

Scripts that help sync between habitodo and pomotodo (a pomodoro service)

What can it do

  1. sync new tasks in habitica to pomotodo
  2. score back in habitica when related todos completed in pomotodo


  • subtasks
  • score back in habitica
  • repeating tasks
  • filter tasks
  • a shabby gui for iOS app Pythonista



  1. can't score repeating tasks automatically due to pomotodo limitations 1
  2. requires a local file to store id data
  3. really, really slooooow
  4. limited functions, hard to use 2
  5. ...


  • port to Pythonista on iOS
  • use asyncio / aiohttp to accelerate syncing process
  • sync deletions from habitica to pomotodo
  • better UI for Pythonista

1: For the same (repeating) todo in pomotodo, its id returned through api varies each time when completed

2: Actually, I write this only for my self…

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