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Group: Grace, Lizzie, Ruby, and the smelly and dangerous and quite lovable wumpus

Goals: To make an agent in a top-down environment that can understand and execute commands, clarifying them with requests for information, and also answer requests for information.

Aspects of Project:

  • GUI: Representation of 2-D world containing ALEx the agent & objects with various qualities such as those listed below:
    • color
    • shape
  • Text input from users
  • Language processing to understand commands - specifically sentence parsing and extracting meaning from commands like:
    • Move the blue triangle
    • Move the blue thing to (1,1)
    • Eat the banana
    • Go to the star
    • Tell me where it is
  • A way to retain memory of what is being discussed from command to command so it can ask for and receive clarification
  • Some problem-solving skills so it knows which information to request
  • How to respond:
    • I have no idea what you just said...
    • Which “blue thing?”

Timeline for project: Goals, ranked from theoretically easiest to theoretically hardest.

•	GUI/world mechanics

•	Executing commands

•	Understanding and answering questions

•	Understanding commands

•	Figuring out what information to request to clarify commands

Things to consider when understanding commands:

*	Identify VERB, COORDINATES, COLOR and SHAPE (if an item is involved in the command), NEGATIVES

*	"Move" ambiguity -> "move to [item]" vs. "move [item] to"

*	Synonyms of "move," "pick up," "put down"

*	Translating VERB, COORDINATES, etc. into simple command (or sequence of commands) that ALExGUI can understand

*	Translate human spellings ("light blue") as ALEx spellings ("lightblue")
*	Special cases: pick up ALL stars


  • "pick up"/"put down"/"light blue" --> go to blue star --> item exists/multiple items exist/item doesn't exist
  • Nov 11 class: respond to other verbs (pick up and put down)
  • negative commands (do not go to the blue star) Ignore everything in that clause (used to ignore the whole command rather than just clause, but i fixed it -ruby)
  • deal with multiple verbs like "I think you should go PICK UP the ..." (interpreting it as "pick up" rather than "move") —> DONE (just changed the verb finder to if rather than else if, and put pick up after move - so it might find the go, but then it will find the pickup and change verb to that)
  • hitting "Enter" makes it work, so we don't have to click the "Go" button, and showing user's previous cmnds in GUI
  • compound commands (go to blue star and pick it up) If not complete command (move + coord, pick up + item, put down + item), then iterate back until we find clause with the missing info -> DONE for everything except examples like “pick up the blue circle and star,” which is understandable given that alex still can’t deal with the ambiguity of having just a shape or a color
  • store information between commands and answer back (pick up blue star...which blue star...the one at 3 3) Keep a list of previous commands, split by clause.
  • cmds like "move 2 squares to the east" etc
  • saying "i don't understand" to confusing commands rather than ignoring
  • hardcode number words from one to nineteen
  • light blue vs blue ambiguity
  • the 'all' descriptor
  • ambiguity: move to the blue thing

Todo (some optional due to time constraints):

  • move object to [wherever]
  • descriptors like 'nearest,' 'leftmost,' 'above you'... *grace is working on a limited set of these
  • answering questions like 'where is [whatever]'