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A Firebase storage backend for Mavo

Getting started

Sign up for Firebase

  • Sign in with your Google account (or create a new account) at
  • Create a new project and click Add Firebase to your web app. You'll see a code snippet that looks similar to the one below (with the parameters automatically filled in). Copy and paste this code into your HTML file.
<script src=""></script>
  // Initialize Firebase
  var config = {
    apiKey: "%API-KEY%",
    authDomain: "%AUTH-DOMAIN%",
    databaseURL: "%DATABASE-URL%",
    projectId: "%PROJECT-ID%",
    storageBucket: "%STORAGE-BUCKET%",
    messagingSenderId: "%MESSAGING-SENDER-ID%"

How to use

Use the Firebase plugin by including the mv-storage attribute with the parameter firebase.


<section mv-app="firebasetest" mv-storage="firebase">
          <li property="country" mv-multiple>
            <span property="code">Code</span>
            <span property="name">Name</span>