Create Modbus app easily with Python
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modbus-tk: Create Modbus app easily with Python

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Current version is 0.5.7 It is available on PyPI


This is distributed under GNU LGPL license


Make possible to write modbus TCP and RTU master and slave.

It can be used for testing purpose : It is shipped with slave simulator and a master with a web-based hmi (ok the hmi need to be improved :).

It can also be used to create any application which need to communicate over modbus. It is a full-stack implementation and is used on "real applications".

Thanks to Python and the incredible set of existing libraries, it can fit a lot of different needs : database logging, HMI, report generation ...

modbus-tk is different from pymodbus which is another implementation of the modbus stack in python.

modbus-tk tries to limit dependencies (even if it requires pyserial for Modbus RTU).

modbus-tk has no link with tkInter. tk stands for 'testkit' or 'toolkit' depending of the way you use it.

Discussion group

Please join the modbus-tk discussion group to participate :!forum/modbus-tk


  • Modbus TCP support for writing masters and slaves
  • Modbus RTU support for writing masters and slaves (requires pyserial)
  • Can be customized with hook mechanism (simulate errors, timeouts...)
  • ready-to use simulator with RPC interface
  • Defines very easily your own memory blocks
  • Set/Get values for any place in a memory block
  • logging capability through python logging module
  • Web-based HMI (experimental feature which requires bottle)


Feedback is welcomed! Please enter an issue for giving your feedback.

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Other links

pymodslave : a gui app for simulation purpose built with Qt4 and modbus-tk

modbus-simulator : modbus simulator built with modbus-tk and kivy