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Transit v1.6.2 Build Status

A lightweight file uploader that also provides extended support for file validation, file transformation (image resizing, cropping, etc) and file transportation (moving files to Amazon S3 or another external storage system).


  • PHP 5.3.3
    • Fileinfo
    • Multibyte
    • Curl
    • Exif (optional)
  • Composer
    • AWS SDK
    • Rackspace OpenCloud SDK


  • Easily upload a file into the local file system
  • Basic support for file moving and renaming through File
  • Overwrite protection and file name filtering
  • Import a file from a remote location, local file system path or an input stream
  • Transform and alter a file by running a Transformer on it
  • Create new files based off an original file by using transformers
  • Transport to or delete a file from Amazon S3 or Glacier using a Transporter
  • Validate files and images using a defined set of rules using a Validator
  • Support for extending built in transporters, transformers and validators
  • Exif reading support through File and orientation fixing through ExifTransformer


Thorough documentation can be found here (eventually):


  • Serge Rodovnichenko (SergeR) - FitTransformer
  • Ricky Dunlop (rickydunlop) - File::supportsExif()