Read from and write to a JSON file, minimizing diffs and preserving formatting.
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A module to read from and write to JSON files, without losing formatting, to minimize diffs.


var jsonFile = require('json-file-plus');
var path = require('path'); // in node-core
var filename = path.join(process.cwd(), 'package.json');
var callback = function (err, result) { /* your code here */ };

/* Note: jsonFile also returns a Promise, if you prefer that to a Node-style callback ("errorback"). */
jsonFile(filename, function (err, file) {
	if (err) { return doSomethingWithError(err); }; // Direct access to the data from the file
	file.format; // extracted formatting data. change at will.

	file.get('version'); // get top-level keys. returns a Promise
	file.get('version', callback); // get top-level keys. calls the errorback
	file.get(); // get entire data. returns a Promise
	file.get(callback); // get entire data. calls the errorback

	/* pass any plain object into "set" to merge in a deep copy */
	/* please note: references will be broken. */
	/* if a non-plain object is passed, will throw a TypeError. */
		foo: 'bar',
		bar: {
			baz: true
	file.remove('description'); // remove a specific key-value pair. returns a Promise
    	file.remove('description', callback); // remove a specific key-value pair. calls the errorback

	/* change the filename if desired */
	file.filename = path.join(process.cwd(), 'new-package.json');

	/* Save the file, preserving formatting. */
	/* Errorback will be passed to fs.writeFile */
	/* Returns a Promise. */ () {
	}).catch(function (err) {
		console.log('error!', err);


Simply run npm test in the repo