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Spring Boot app to compare gRPC and REST
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To run the app, you need Docker. For development, you need Java 11.

Running tests


Execute ./mvnw verify to run the tests and create a JAR locally.


Build a Docker image by executing docker build -t rpc-ci -f dockerfiles/ci/Dockerfile .. Run the tests by executing docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/app -w rpc-ci mvn verify.

Running the app


Execute ./mvnw package -Dmaven.test.skip to build a JAR locally. Run the app by executing java -jar target/<NAME_OF_JAR>.jar.


Build a Docker image by executing docker build -t rpc-deploy -f dockerfiles/deploy/Dockerfile .. Run the app in a Docker container by executing docker run --rm -itd -p8080:8080 -t rpc-deploy.

Code formatting

Follow these steps in IntelliJ to ensure all code is formatted consistently:

  • Preferences > Editor > Code Style > Java
  • Import intellij_code_style_scheme.xml found in the root of this repository as Intellij IDEA code style XML using the cogwheel button to the right of the current scheme.
  • Configure a macro to automatically format the code on save
    • Edit > Macro > Start Macro Recording
    • Perform the following actions
      • Code > Reformat Code
      • Code > Optimize imports
      • File > Save All
    • Edit > Macro > Stop Macro Recording and save the macro as "FormatAndSave"
    • Preferences > Keymap > Macros > FormatAndSave > Add Keyboard Shortcut
    • Trigger the macro FormatAndSave with the keys normally used to save all files. E.g. on Mac that's Command + S, on Windows Alt + S. This way your code is automatically formatted correctly when you save. You might be asked to remove the existing shortcut to save all files.
  • Disable "Optimize imports on the fly"
    • Preferences > Editor > General > Auto Import > Java > Uncheck "Optimize imports on the fly"
  • Collapse imports of the same package
    • Preferences > Editor > Code Style > Java > Imports tab, configure as follows:
      • "Class count to use import with '*'" -> 3
      • "Names count to use static import with '*'" -> 3
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