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a Rails application for ordering sub sandwiches

General Requirements

There are two kinds of users

  1. Customers
  • Customers must register before ordering
    -- Required to provide a name and email address when registering
  • Can order subs. -- Required to pick size and toppings.
  • Can see their open orders -- show a timer for how long the order has been open -- Use AJAX polling to remove the order from the open order list when the order is closed by an employee in a different browser window.
  • Can see a list of their previously closed orders
  1. Employees
  • Can see a list of all open orders for all customers
  • Can mark orders as complete
  • Can see a list of all completed orders for all customers

Testing I'll Be Adding

I have read a lot about Rails testing, but haven't delved deeply enough into any one of the options (though I'm tending towards rspec and cucumber). So for now, I'll list the tests I want to add, and they will get put in once I have enough knowledge or experience to make them work. These are, of course, in addition to testing for the general requirements noted above.

I have deleted all the auto-generated tests under spec/ and features/ for now, since they are not valid.

Customers - General

  • Require both an email and name to be valid
  • Can view current and past orders from Order menu
  • Can view active orders (not completed) on home page
  • Home page view will update when order is complete

Orders - General

  • Cannot edit after complete
  • Can only be completed by a cook. This is done from the edit screen, once the sandwich has been made.

View - Home - Index

  • If not logged in, user can login or sign-up
  • If logged in as admin, shows Admin menu
  • If not logged in as admin, does not show Admin menu
  • If logged in as cook, tells cook to get to work
  • If logged in as user, shows recent sub orders
  • If logged in, shows Orders menu
  • If logged in, shows Edit Profile menu

View - Admin - Index

  • Shows list of users with show, edit, and delete capabilities

View - Orders - Index

  • If logged in as Admin or Cook, shows all orders
  • If logged in as User, only shows user's orders
  • Edit option only available for Incomplete orders

View - Orders - Show

  • Shows type of sandwich, description, and list of requested ingredients
  • Allows edit if order has not been marked as complete

View - Order - Edit

  • Shows the option for Completing the order if user is a Cook
  • Does not show the option for Completing the order if user is not a Cook

View - Order - New

  • User can select the type of product
  • User can select various ingredients to add
  • User can save or cancel the order

And so forth ;-)