Python script to export papers from Mendeley, including the file(s), to a static HTML file.
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Python script to export papers from a specific folder in Mendeley Desktop in Linux, including the file(s), to a static HTML file. Tested in Ubuntu 12.04.


  1. First, save the papers you want to export to a folder in Mendeley Desktop.
  2. Rename the file to and add your email registered to Mendeley.
  3. Run: ./
  4. Select the ID of the folder with the papers.

The script creates a folder 'html' with two html files:

  • index_unordered.html - With the data as it came out of the database
  • index.html - With the data ordered in alphabetical order (without any checks, so there may be mistakes)

The results are saved in the format:

Authors. Year. Title. Journal: pages. [doi] [PDF files]

Inside the 'html' folder there is a 'files' folder that holds the pdf files associated with each paper.

Why this? I tried the Mendeley API but could not figure it out but for the most basic things. There is little info and examples, not that I an such a good programmer, but still...). For what I wanted, which was to export some papers to a website with their PDFs and update it a few times a year, using the API seemed like overkill. I found that the Mendeley Desktop application uses a sqlite database, which I can easily read and parse.