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Another Wes Anderson palette implementation
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Wes Anderson MatPlotLib Palettes

aka wes

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This is another Wes Anderson Palettes implementation. Currnetly, if you set your default pallete, it just modifies the default color cycle to the one provided by the blog. I don't make any classification or useage inferences, unlike jiffyclub's fantastic palettable.

Check out the demo notebook for more information.


It's about as easy as:

import wes

and then your future plots will use the Rushmore palette. If you'd like to reset your palette, use

import matplotlib

Otherwise, you can show all palettes available using wes.available() and can plot two palettes against each other using wes.plot_palettes(*args).

You can also use this with seaborn. Just remember to set your palette after importing seaborn, as seaborn overwrites matplotlib's rcdefaults


This is licensed in the Creative Commons for Attribution and ShareAlike purposes. CC-BY-SA

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