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"Not Emmet." An HTML expander in C#.
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this projects bases on the Nemmet project of deanebarker at
this library is ported from the .NET 4.5.2 (the old project from deanebarker) to a .NET Standard 2.0 library.
you can use this library in all .NET projects like .NET Core, .NET Legacy, Xamarin, etc.

Downloads NuGet Codacy Badge License


install the lib from nuget:


var code = "#my-panel.panel>.heading{Title}+.content{Content}+.footer";

// To get a nested List<NemmetTag>
// NemmetTag has a recursive ToHtml() method
var tags = NemmetTag.Parse(code);

// To get the HTML as a string (which just concats the results of ToHtml())
var html = NemmetParser.GetHtml(code)


<div id="my-panel" class="panel">
  <div class="heading">
  <div class="content">
  <div class="footer"></div>

what works

Read the Emmet syntax guide for the basics. Here the subset that Nemmet supports.

  • Simple elements: div
  • Nested elements: parent>child
  • Sibling elements: div1+div2
  • The "climb up" operator: parent1>child^parent2
  • IDs: div#id
  • Classes: div.class1.class2
  • Attributes: div[key=value]
  • Multiple attributes: div[key1=value1 key2=value2]
  • Content div{Some text}
  • Default tag naming (though, the defaults need more definition)

what doesn't work

  • Repeating elements and auto-numbering (why would you need this at runtime?)
  • Parentheticals/grouping (though, this is likely not far off -- I have a theory for it)
  • Style abbreviations (not hard, but low on the priority list)


Nemmet is an homage to Emmet (Nemmet = "Not Emmet"...get it?), the HTML expansion language.

I wanted something in (1) a single file, (2) pure C#, and (3) source that I could debug through. It will never be as full-featured as Emmet. I'm hoping for maybe 75% on a good day.

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