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Based on Triflight 0.5 Beta 3 (Cleanflight v1.13.0).


Reminder to everyone updating to 0.5 (or any other version that wipes the configuration) and using a servo feedback wire: Remember to re-run the servo speed calibration! If you don’t do this the FW doesn’t know the position of the servo. Pitch back in unarmed tail tune mode. This will rewrite the servo calibration to configuration. The calibration parameters are not in CLI so you can’t copy them from previous version.

I finally got the time to do enough flight testing to be sure that Triflight is ready for 0.5 release.

Triflight has come a long way since the 0.4 over half a year ago. Here's just a summary of the changes compared to 0.4, please check the beta releases below for more information about the changes.

Please view the awesome setup video made by David Windestål: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aIhaIMubdM

New features compared to 0.4

  • Rebased on Cleanflight v1.13.
  • Support for servo reversing (alpha)
  • Dynamic yaw output based on tail motor speed, replaces TPA for yaw (beta 3)
  • Tail motor acceleration/deceleration produced error estimation and correction (beta 3)
  • Support for wired servo feedback signal for accurate position measurement (beta 1, beta 2)
  • Unarmed tail tune mode for setting up servo end-points, center position and speed calibration (beta 1)
  • More precise in-flight tail tune (beta 1)
  • Many small improvements.


  • Defaults are tuned for RCExplorer Baby tricopter (170mm sized). Should work okay for larger copters as well.
  • Display feature has been disabled for NAZE and CC3D targets due to memory constraints.