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Based on Triflight 0.4 (Cleanflight 1.10 / Betaflight Oct 4).


New features

  • Tail tune version 2. Faster, more precise.
    • There's now new functionality for tail tune in unarmed state. To activate in-flight tail tuning, arm the copter before switching tail tune on. Tail tune can be activated on land or in air. After activating the mode user has 5 seconds to take copter into hover.
    • After the tune is beeping the ready pattern, land and disarm, still having tail tune on. The ready beeping should continue every 2 seconds. The values are now automatically saved. Deactivate tail tune after disarming copter!
  • Servo setup without configurator
  • Servo position feedback support
    • More accurate tail motor control based on servo position.
    • Currently only supported on Naze target
    • Servo feedback signal must be max 3.3V! Use voltage divider if your signal is greater than that.
    • Connect the feedback signal to RC6 pin on Naze board. See
    • Feedback signal is calibrated by pulling down on pitch stick while in unarmed tail tune state. Min, mid and max positions must be set before this. This also sets the tri_tail_servo_speed. Check your servo speed from CLI!
    • If servo speed is set, the FW will use the calibrated feedback signal from this point on.
    • To fall back to using virtual servo, disconnect the feedback cable and initiate the feedback calibration again. The servo will go to min position and then mid position. Failure beep pattern can be heard from buzzer. If your servo does this while feedback cable is connected, there is something wrong in your feedback signal.


  • Integrator disable allows shrinking of I term. Better yaw drift control.
  • SBUS overflow fix. Merged from CF.
  • BB in-flight adjustment fix. Merged from CF.