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Based on Triflight 0.7 Beta 1 (Betaflight v3.1.7)

New features

  • Servo output channels enabled by default on many targets. No need to fiddle with the resource CLI command. Check this wiki page for more information.


  • Rebased to Betaflight 3.1.7.
  • Fixed EXT1 ADC for servo feedback use, thanks to @bhuism and @jihlein. BFF3 board uses PWM1 as EXT1 channel (wiki page).
  • Servo lowpass filter fixed. Check servo_lowpass_freq and servo_lowpass_enable CLI variables.
  • Fixed the lowpass filters used in tricopter mixer (tail motor and servo feedback).
  • Expected yaw error (tri_motor_acc_yaw_correction) now only applies to P term.
  • Yaw boost is only enabled in air mode. Enable air mode feature or stick mode to get more yaw authority at low throttle.
  • Changed default Yaw PIDs and tri_motor_acc_yaw_correction.

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