Convert strings to IP adresses for ACL checks in Varnish VCL.
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Varnish ipcast Module

Author: Lasse Karstensen
Date: 2016-04-29
Version: 1.3
Manual section:3


import ipcast;


This is a Varnish 3.0 VMOD for converting a string into an IP type in VCL.

Note that previously this VMOD overwrote the client.ip internal variable. This was an inherently flawed method and has since been abandoned.

For Varnish 4 use the built-in std.ip() function.

This VMOD is tested on Varnish 3.0.7.



ip(STRING S, STRING fallback)
Return value

Parse the IPv4/IPv6 address in S and return that. If not successful, parse the string in fallback and return that.

When parsing fails the getaddrinfo() error output will be logged to varnishlog.

Caveat: If the fallback address is unparseable Varnish will crash.

set req.http.xff = regsub(req.http.X-Forwarded-For, "^(^[^,]+),?.*$", "\1");
if (ipcast.ip(req.http.xff, "") == "") { error 400 "Bad request"; }

set resp.http.x-parsed-ip = ipcast.ip("2001:db8::1", "");


The source tree is based on autotools to configure the building, and does also have the necessary bits in place to do functional unit tests using the varnishtest tool.


# only if you are building from a git clone.

VARNISHSRC is the directory of the Varnish source tree for which to compile your vmod. Both the VARNISHSRC and VARNISHSRC/include will be added to the include search paths for your module.

Optionally you can also set the vmod install directory by adding VMODDIR=DIR (defaults to the pkg-config discovered directory from your Varnish installation).

Make targets:

  • make - builds the vmod
  • make install - installs your vmod in VMODDIR
  • make check - runs the unit tests in src/tests/*.vtc

In your VCL you could then use this vmod along the following lines:

import ipcast;
acl friendly_network {
sub vcl_recv {
    set req.http.xff = regsub(req.http.X-Forwarded-For, "^(^[^,]+),?.*$", "\1");
    if (ipcast.ip(req.http.xff, "") == "") {
        error 400 "Bad request";

    if (ipcast.ip(req.http.xff, "") !~ friendly_network) {
            error 403 "Forbidden";


This document is licensed under the same license as the libvmod-ipcast project. See LICENSE for details.

  • Copyright (c) 2011-2016 Varnish Software