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Indent Guides for Brackets

An extension for Brackets to show indent guides in the code editor.

How to Install

  1. Select Brackets > File > Extension Manager...
  2. Search for this extension.
  3. Click on the Install button.

How to Use Extension

Toggle the extension with View > Indent Guides.

Extension Preferences

brackets-indent-guides.enabled (boolean)
If the value of this preference is true, Indent Guides will be visible. If the value is false, Indent Guides will be hidden.

brackets-indent-guides.guideColor (string)
The color of the indent guides. Can be any valid CSS Color value.

brackets-indent-guides.guideStyle (string)
This value determines the style of the guide: "solid" or "dotted".

brackets-indent-guides.hideFirst (boolean)
If the value of this preference is true the first Indent Guide will not be drawn. This is useful if you are using a Brackets Theme that has a vertical border separating the line numbers from the code. Set the value to false to draw all Indent Guides.

For more information on setting preferences see How to Use Brackets - Preferences

Custom Key Bindings

If you would like to add a customized keyboard shortcut to toggle indent guides, set your shortcut key to the following command id: lkcampbell.toggleIndentGuides.

For example, if you want the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-I to toggle the indent guides, type the following entry into the overrides section of your keyboardmap.json file:

"Ctrl-Shift-I": "lkcampbell.toggleIndentGuides"

For more information on setting Custom Key Bindings see User Key Bindings.

Code Challenges

Code challenges are closed issues and enhancement requests that I have attempted to resolve without success. Maybe you have an idea that can help?

Just look for the code challenge label in the closed issues list. Post a comment on the issue and we can discuss your solution ideas. Here is a list of the current code challenges for this extension:

  1. Empty lines do not display indent guides
  2. Show only one indent guide in hanging indent
  3. Indent guides make scrolling less performant
  4. Only show indent guides when text is present on line
  5. Problem with indent soft wrapping


MIT-licensed -- see main.js for details.


Tested on Brackets Release 1.0.0 Mac OSX (Mavericks).