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This PR adds JRuby to Travis-CI and removes encoding magic comments to make loading a bit faster on JRuby (and maybe other implementations).

Please merge this PR after the gemfile cleanups PR has been applied and Gemfile.lock removed.

gioele added some commits May 12, 2014
@gioele gioele Also test JRuby on Travis-CI f9c5b14
@gioele gioele Avoid useless "encoding: utf-8"
The magic "encoding: utf-8" comment is useless in these files because
none of these files have non-ASCII chars and UTF-8 is the default
encoding from Ruby 2.0 onwards.

In addition, the presence of this comment forces JRuby (and probably
other implementations) go to thought an unnecessary partial re-encoding.

Please, consider to fix the build ;)


Hi, the problem is the fact that the current Gembuild.lock does not like JRuby. The solution is to remove that file, the change for that is already in another PR. Once you have merged that PR I can rebase this branch over development and the build should fix itself.


OK, thanks for the explanation ;)

@lkdjiin lkdjiin closed this Jul 3, 2015
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