Easy OpenVPN certificate and configuration management


= Description =
StoneVPN - Easy OpenVPN certificate and configuration management

Author: Léon Keijser - keijser@stone-it.com

= Installation =
In CentOS / RedHat / Fedora:

StoneVPN is included in EPEL5 and Fedora 11 and later. Just use yum to install:

  $ yum install stonevpn

From the tarball:

* install these packages:

* run 'python setup.py install' as root

* run 'python setup.py install_docs' to install example config and
  documentation in /usr/share/StoneVPN

* copy /usr/share/StoneVPN/example/stonevpn.conf to /etc

* Make the necessary adjustments in /etc/stonevpn.conf

* Make the necessary adjustments in your openssl.cnf (StoneVPN
  should say what they are)

* Optional: download latest pyOpenSSL to have CRL support (see below)

* Run stonevpn :)

= Custom pyOpenSSL =
For StoneVPN to work optimally, you will need to download pyOpenSSL version
0.11 or later. Get it at https://launchpad.net/pyopenssl/+download

= RPM =
StoneVPN is now included in EPEL and Fedora so following these instructions 
are only for those who use different distro's:

I've included a SPEC file so you can build an RPM yourself. To
do this i assume you have a working rpmbuild environment and have
the StoneVPN tarball located in ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/stonevpn-%version.tar.gz

For example

$ mv /usr/share/StoneVPN/rpm/stonevpn.spec ~/rpmbuild/SPECS

Build the RPMs:

$ cd ~/rpmbuild/SPECS
$ rpmbuild -ba stonevpn.spec

If all goes well this will leave you with a stonevpn-%version.el5.noarch.rpm
file which you can then use to install on various machines :)

= Lastly =
If you are actively using StoneVPN, drop me an email to let me know what
you think of it. Or better yet, if you use it and like it enough to spend
some money on it, please consider making a small donation: http://gotlinux.nl/stonevpn