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2012-xx-xx Léon Keijser <> 0.4.13beta2
* Added: option to generate self-signed CA certificate
* Fixed: assume SHA1 for default_md if key is missing in
OpenSSL config file
* Changed: version 0.4.13beta2 (won't release officially)
2012-01-27 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.12
* Fixed: empty index and serial file caused traceback. Fix
by Jasper Capel <jasper [at] newnewyork [dot] nl>
* Changed: version 0.4.12
2011-03-24 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.11
* Added: display expired certificate status
* Fixed: remove old files before creating new certificate
* Fixed: when revoking a cert, indexdb wasn't updated when a
lower-case serial was provided
* Changed: better output when displaying all certificates
* Changed: version 0.4.11
2010-11-24 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.10
* Added: option to generate random passphrase
* Added: option to include the (generated) passphrase in
the body of the e-mail. This option (wether used or not) will
require the configuration file to be modified.
* Fixed: check for the existance of the OpenSSL config file
* Changed: version 0.4.10
2010-06-24 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.9
* Added: option to generate configfiles for all OS's at once
* Added: option to include extra files (eg. documentation)
* Added: option to override server IP in configfile
* Fixed: incorrectly writing serial number to serialfile
* Fixed: check for empty variables in openssl configfile
* Fixed: corrected Mac template after testing
* Changed: passphrase can now be specified on the cmdline
* Changed: version 0.4.9
2010-05-10 Léon Keijser <>
* Fixed: incorrect exception handling on python < 2.6
2010-05-06 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.8
* Added: client template for Mac (OSX) - UNTESTED
* Added: now accepts adding multiple routes to clientfile
* Added: debug option (mainly for my own benefit)
* Added: expanded expiration date option to specify hours,
days or years
* Fixed: certificates were sometimes generated with an in-
correct time, depending on local timezone.
* Fixed: rewrote 'route' section
* Fixed: freeip routine major rewrite. Will now also accept
a broader netmask than /24 (or higher).
* Fixed: crash when providing empty prefix
* Changed: small cosmetic changes
* Changed: version 0.4.8
2010-03-12 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.7
* Fixed: certificates were generated with an incorrect
serial number (hex was written as decimal)
* Fixed: bug when listing all revoked certificates
* Fixed: check for existence of crlfile before trying to
parse it.
* Added: new option to generate an empty CRL file
* Added: grouped all options to make --help output look better
* Changed: version 0.4.7
2010-02-19 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.6
* Fixed: crash when trying to parse an empty CRL file
* Fixed: indexdb wasn't closed after writing to it
* Added: now prompts twice for password to verify
* Changed: version 0.4.6
2010-02-02 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.5
* Added: manpages for stonevpn (1) and stonevpn.conf (5)
* Added: option for custom expiration date of certificate
* Fixed: crash when reading an incorrectly written index.txt
* Changed: version 0.4.5
2009-11-09 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.4
* Added: debian files so StoneVPN can be debianized :)
* Fixed: warning msg in freeip routine instead of exception
* Fixed: probable incorrect path to cert/key files
* Changed: install doc/example files seperately using 'install_docs'
* Changed: updated spec file
* Changed: version 0.4.4
2009-10-20 Léon Keijser <> 0.4.3
* Changed: new patch to add CRL support in favor of old
methods since upstream has already added PKCS12 support
and will likely accept this patch as well. Code adapted.
* Added: method to display information in CRL file
* Changed: version 0.4.3
2009-08-07 Léon Keijser <>
* Added: implemented nice python to install
all the necessary files.
* Updated: README file according to new install method
2009-05-19 Léon Keijser <>
* Fixed: segfault when CRL didn't exist
* Added: option to push extra route to client (stored in
ccd dir on server)
2009-04-15 Léon Keijser <>
* Fixed: minor typo: password -> passphrase
2009-03-27 Léon Keijser <>
* Added: stonevpn.spec SPEC file
* Updated: README file with instructions to build an RPM
2009-03-26 Léon Keijser <>
* Added: copyright stuff
* Added: modified pyOpenSSL-0.8-crl.patch
* Added: README file
* Added: TODO file
2009-03-23 Léon Keijser <>
* Added: e-mail support
2009-03-05 Léon Keijser <>
* Fixed: file prefix when set manually.
2009-03-02 Léon Keijser <>
* Fixed: removed crypto CRL function from listAllCerts
routine since we're not gonna use it anyway.
* Fixed: when writing to indexdb, convert spaces to underscores
2009-02-27 Léon Keijser <>
* Fixed: made '--password' parameter work correctly
2009-02-20 Léon Keijser <>
* Fixed: made KeyError messages a bit more specific when checking
for required sections in OpenSSL configuration file.
2009-02-20 Léon Keijser <>
* Added: option to print info about certificate
2009-02-19 Léon Keijser <>
* Added: initial commit (version 0.3.3)
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