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Alice III

This is the third model of the Alice machine. It runs a silicon Z80 with two co-processors: an ARM for keyboard, disk, and serial port, and a Propeller for video.

The Alice III SMD

The 80MHz Propeller has 48K of internal RAM, drives VGA and the 5-pin Aux connector (intended for audio but wired generically to 3 Propeller pins) and thus provides opportunities for video and other experimentation.

The 168MHz STM32F415 ARM Cortex-M4 contains 192K of RAM and is connected to a PS/2 port, an SD card, and a simple UART on a 2-pin header, and has a firmware monitor that can be altered or replaced.

In the kicad directory are various schematics and PCBs. The latest is MOBO_SMD, which uses surface mount versions of the parts.

To bring up a new board:

  • Power:
    • Use a wall wart to provide micro-USB power. Verify that the D2 LED (closest to the switches) is on. If you have an in-line USB current meter, there should be less than 10 mA being initially pulled. (More is pulled later when the board is fully brought up.)
  • Propeller:
    • Hook up the Prop Plug. The Vss pin should be closest to the corner of the board.
    • Run PropellerIDE, load the video_board/propeller/Main.spin file, and program the EEPROM. After this you should be able to hook up a VGA monitor and see the line Alice 3 GPU firmware.
    • Remove the Prop Plug.
  • Cortex-M4:
    • Connect your computer to the USB jack of the Alice III.
    • Short the header closest to the ARM, labeled "JP1".
    • Hard-reset the board (the push button closest to the LEDs).
    • Wait one second, then remove the jumper. If you look in your USB device list, you should see the STM bootloader. For example, on MacOS X, the output of system_profiler SPUSBDataType should contain a section similar to:
        STM32  BOOTLOADER:

          Product ID: 0xdf11
          Vendor ID: 0x0483  (STMicroelectronics)
          Version: 22.00
          Serial Number: 366A34573335
          Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
          Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics
          Location ID: 0x14100000 / 20
          Current Available (mA): 1000
          Current Required (mA): 100
          Extra Operating Current (mA): 0
* In `binaries`, run `sh install_cortex_m4_firmware.sh`.
    * `dfu-util` is a prerequisite.  It can be installed
  on MacOS (our primary platform) through MacPorts, or you
  can compile it from the source at
* To interact with the boot monitor:
    * Locate the 2-pin header closest to the MicroSD socket.
      There's no label on this header.
    * Attach a serial transceiver to this header; transmit to the pin
      closest to the ARM, and receive from the other pin.
      E.g. connect FTDI Tx to the pin closer to the ARM and
      FTDI Rx to the pin further from the ARM.
    * Connect to the serial port at 115200 baud.
    * When you hard-reset or power-on the Alice III, you should see
      on the serial port "Alice 3 I/O firmware" followed by the
      firmware build date.
  • Z80:
    • Format a MicroSD card for FAT32.
    • Copy binaries/bootrom.bin, binaries/boot.dsk and binaries/disks.txt to the MicroSD card.
    • Install the MicroSD card in the Alice III and power-on or hard-reset the Alice III.