Spec files for creating RPM packages for Opencast and its dependencies.
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Opencast RPM Specs

This repository contains the spec files to create all necessary RPMs for Opencast. This includes:

  • Opencast itself
  • 3rd-Party-Tools

For CentOS and Scientific Linux, The inclusion of the EPEL repository from the Fedora project is necessary to build and run these files. For Fedora, RPMFusion is required.

Source RPMs

This repository only contains the spec files. The source files can be either retrieved directly from upstream or bundled with the specs from the source repository located at:

If you only want to build your own RPM repository, I recommend using the source RPMs instead of downloading all source files by yourself. If you have improvements for the specs however, it would be nice if you fork this git repository and send pull requests for the improved specs, so that I can integrate them into the source repository and everyone can benefit from your changes.

Ready-To-Use: Binary Opencast RPM Repository

If you only want to install Opencast on your system, have a look at the RPM repository provided by the University of Osnabrück. It contains all necessary pre-compiled RPMs for an up-to-date Opencast installation. The repository can be found at: