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A LUA and APR based LKL scriptable tester.
a) APR library - The Apache Portable Runtime Library.
- a set of minimalistic C wrappers over system calls
that permits writing portable and fast code in C.
- on Debian/Ubuntu just do [sudo] apt-get install libapr1-dev.
You'll need to install the "-dev" package to get the header files.
LKLFTPD (currently) looks for the headers in /usr/include/apr-1.0/;
you may need to tweak this on your system.
- a 1.2.1 or better version will do just fine (but later versions
have more bugfixes and better support for some platforms).
b) LUA 5.1
- pre 5.1 versions are not yet supported
c) LKL - if you want to run LKLFTPD through LKL you'll obviously need LKL.
- check on for details about LKL.
a) APR -
b) LUA -
c) LKL -
To aid developement and o give the tester more functionality we have wrapped
all file IO functions under lkl_file_t based operations.
These are by default mapped "1-1" to apr_file_t, but by defining LKL_FILE_APIS at
compile time you can use lkl based file IO.
a) If LKL_FILE_APIS is NOT DEFINED (which means lkl_file_t is defined as apr_file_t)
you will use the OS APIs to access files.
No LKL code is run/called. You need not link to liblkl.
In this mode you can use LKLFTPD as a standalone ftp server.
b) If LKL_FILE_APIS is DEFINED, lkl_file_t is implemented as a wrapper
over LKL's sys_* functions. In this mode you'll need to link to LKL.
You'll be bound to Linux' licence (currently GPLv2) by linking
directly to Linux code.