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Conjure is a competitive TCG player's best friend. It's your game assistant before, during and after every match. You can keep track of your different decks, theirs wins/loss records and see turn-by-turn breakdowns of each of your games.

Conjure was designed around how I would keep track of my games, and how I noticed a lot of other competitive players keeping score during games. Now you can have an easy view of how each match progresses, while it's happening.

The full version includes unlimited deck slots, match history, 9 additional themes and the ability to save format defaults. Conjure is a passion project of mine, and all the money I earn helps me keep working on it (and buy more cards).

Known Issues

  • Sometimes the UIPickerView initializes with only one button.
  • Some settings detail pages don't have checkmarks on load.

Upcoming features

  • Better support for ties and conceding
  • Exporting match history and deck info
  • Infect and experience counters