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Here's a list of things to work on. Not necessarily in this order. And there
are things not included here we can do as well!
Communication with Thomas Roth (primary author of libspdy) was established
but hasn't worked. Ideally we'll work out a way in which we can work forward
in a way that will allow Thomas' team to join in and we can merge our
efforts at a later point. is now up and will be a hub for info around this
* SPDY draft 3 compatibility
* Keep the actual SPDY protocol stuff in the libspdy files as originally
imported from libspdy to increase our chances of being able to merge them
with again. Use that API internally only, not exposed to
* write up two test applications that use the new API, one client and
one server
* implement the new API and document it in man pages
* Try it out in some early real-world application use cases (like libcurl) to
see that it also works in reality
* make test cases for the new API
* make sure the underlying spdy_ functions also use the memory functions as
set with spindly_phys_init()