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#Git Auto Deployment Git duto deployment using POST deploy hooks that are offered by GitHub and BitBucket.


  • create a directory for deployment control site
mkdir /var/www/deploy
cd /var/www/deploy
  • clone this repo
git clone .
  • setup apache/nginx/other web-server site (ex. to /var/www/deploy


  • fill deploy config with your repos
$repos = array(
    'prism-code-highlighting' => array(
        'branch' => 'master',
        'path' => '/home/usr/example/'
    'another-plugin' => array(
        'branch' => 'deploy',
        'remote' => 'bbremote',
        'path' => '/home/usr/example/'

Private repos

  • create local ssh key
ssh-keygen -t rsa -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa -C 'Bitbucket deploy'
  • add public key as Deploy Key to your repo



  • commit and push

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