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Antivirus Demo


This project helps train a classifier to be able to detect PE files as either malicious or legitimate. It tries out 6 different classification algorithms before deciding which one to use for prediction by comparing their results. This is the code for 'Build an Antivirus in 5 Min' on Youtube.


  • pandas pip install pandas
  • numpy pip install numpy
  • pickle pip install pickle
  • scipy pip install scipy
  • scikit pip install -U scikit-learn

Use pip to install any missing dependencies

Basic Usage

  1. Run python to train the model. It will train on the dataset included called 'data.csv'.

  2. Once trained you can test the model via python YOUR_PE_FILE. It will output either malicious or legitimate!

That's it!


Credit for the vast majority of code here goes to Te-k. I've merely created a wrapper around all of the important functions to get people started.